BAKED WITH Love and Joy
Made with all natural ingredients


SIMPLE INDULGENCE PATIISSERIE (SIP) opened for business in 2016 - the brainchild of Christine Ng, a banker turned savvy Cordon Bleu chef.

Christine started out as a successful home-baker, who soon outgrew her kitchen space.

Then came a chance encounter with a secret family mooncake recipe which had no succession plan.  With a desire to preserve the legacy of this family recipe, Christine studied the traditional baking and production methods under her uncle, the original family master mooncake baker.  She spent months mastering original textures and taste, and then tested ways to build on what she learned.

Encouraged by a successful foray into the business in her home-based bakeshop, Christine decided to share what she had mastered together with the simple yet indulgent creations she had in her collection.

She moved into a more spacious professional kitchen and passionately sourced and tested real flavors only from real, fresh and unadulterated ingredients… no compromise… to create wholesome yet yummy bakes and eats. 

On a constant journey to discover fresh ingredients for her new ‘baby’ (the patisserie), recipes were tweaked, tried and tested using only fresh fruits, vegetables and other fresh and natural ingredients.  The key was to achieve the triple whammy taste test – Tempting, Tasty and True deliousness in every bite.

Welcome back to the true and simple, welcome to SIMPLE INDULGENCE PATISSERIE!

Mixed Cupcakes

Cookies, cakes & Custom Orders 

Try our signature eggless cookies, flourless cakes, less sugar options and fresh Swiss buttercream.

For weekly treats, birthdays, special occasions and weddings. 

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