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Labours of Love

Simple Indulgence Patisserie is a boutique patisserie specialising in cakes, cookies and traditional favourites. Each step we take, from colour extraction to production techniques, embodies our commitment to deliver only handmade creations. Having mastered original textures and tastes, we want to share them with you.

Tempting, Tasty and Truly Delicious, these are our Labours of Love.

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Fresh, Natural

Today, many baked goods contain preservatives, baking agents, artificial colours and essences.

At Simple Indulgence Patisserie, we believe that enjoyments in life must not come at a cost of our health. So, only real ingredients are used.

Ultimately, we believe in the power of the fresh and natural.


The Patissiere

Simple Indulgence Patisserie is the brainchild of Christine Ng, a former homebaker and banker who became a Cordon Bleu Chef. It was a secret family mooncake recipe with no succession plan that inspired Christine to learn traditional baking and production methods under the mentorship of her uncle, the original family master mooncake baker. Her non-compromising stance on quality and pursuit of perfection is translated into every one of her creations. Nevertheless, Christine never forgets her roots and fundamentals. She stays True and Simple.